Like The Majority Of Australians, My Family Has A Migrant History

Like The Majority Of Australians, My Family Has A Migrant History

Written by Womens Creative Hub / 16.03.2020 / Views

This is my second month volunteering with the Women's Creative Hub and I've been made to feel so welcome. I'm really enjoying getting to know all of the women here and being a part of a community that provides a safe place for its members to express themselves creatively.

Like the majority of Australians, my family has a migrant history. My mum came to Australia from Indonesia when she was only seventeen, and could barely speak any English then. I know it was hard for her to feel settled in a new country at such a tender age and without a very wide support network, but she was lucky enough to be coming to Australia by choice. Many of the women at the Hub didn't share my mum's fortune, and so it impresses me to no end to see how effectively and joyously the women of the hub communicate despite many not sharing a common language. That's something I love about this place... not only is creative knowledge being shared between women who've often fought really hard to be here, but it is all done with an acceptance and celebration of each other's uniqueness and cultural diversity. I feel extremely privileged to know such a determined, skilled and vibrant group of women! 

(Sofiyah, Hub Volunteer)