Women's Creative Hub

A social space seeking to empower and create opportunities for refugee and asylum seeker women through catering and craft. 

Our Story

The Women's Creative Hub was established in 2015. It is run by the House of Welcome in partnership with Enactus Macquarie and Auburn Asian Welfare Centre. 

WCH is an inclusive and empowering space for women from asylum-seeking and refugee backgrounds. The initial aim of the Hub was to develop the social skills of women through building connections and weekly interactions. Having just about 5 members, we knew it was just the beginning. The motivation and success of our partners took us to the place we are now. With over 24 members we saw an opportunity to shift our mission. 

Now, the Hub provides opportunities for the women to gain financial independence and improve their skills. As such, we have enabled the women to share and learn a craft, develop professional and cooking skills through catering events and developed their skills to be successful entrepreneurs.  

Impact of COVID-19

As a result of a global pandemic, the Hub has closed and we have had to shift our focus to provide immediate support to the women. We are collecting donations to provide grocery and transport vouchers to alleviate financial hardships faced as a result of unemployment, loss of income and housing constraints. We would appreciate any support as every bit counts.

  • I did not know how to travel by myself (Chandra, Hub Member)

    "The women at the hub encouraged me and taught me about the trains and now I am not so dependent on my husband and am able to do things that make me happy. It has been a long time since I had this good feeling."

  • The Hub means a lot to me (Sawson, Hub Member)

    "I have had opportunities to meet so many good and supportive Australians in the community who have told me that my products are beautiful. I have felt proud and my heart happy. The Hub means a lot to me.

  • Eye Opener (Lauren, Hub Volunteer)

    "This experience has opened my eyes to the real challenges that these women face rather than just what the news stories show (which ultimately is only half the story"

  • Founded in 2015

  • Nominated for the 2018 & 2019 Zest Awards for "Exceptional Social Enterprise within a Community Organisation"

  • 276+ Workshops

  • 27+ Market & Pop-Up Stalls

  • 30+ Members

  • 15+ Flavours of Auburn Events

  • 5+ Catering Opportunities

  • 9+ Presentations on Advocacy

  • 40+ Community Engagement Events